Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Adam

Christmas Adam is a definitely looked forward to by my kids!  It's GREAT because they get to play with all their Rich cousins AND get presents from Honey!  What could be BETTER??!!
We tried to arrange a "secret" photo shoot with a shot of all of Honey and Poppy's grandkids.  I think it turned out GREAT considering Marse was working with a window of about 3 seconds!
Then we read the Christmas story from Luke in the New Testament.  It was sad not hearing Poppy's voice read it to us.  I hate that he's gone!  And I mean HATE!
The 4 year olds (ish) didn't last too long before their attention went elsewhere...
But as soon as presents were given...they were alive and crazy with excitement!
And thankfully...gratitude as well!
Cole on the other hand was HOT and COLD.  Happy one second and ANGRY the next!
Here he is HAPPY as he's looking at one of his "treasures"...a little rubber chicky.
Now he's thinking..."Hmmm....should I be nice....?"

But by the end of the night, in their Christmas Jams from Honey...they were happy, cute and ready for bed!

I love Joanne's tradition of Christmas Adam!  We always look forward to it every year!  ;) 

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