Friday, December 13, 2013

Friend's White Elephant Party

We had a White Elephant party with some of our Besties...aka the Core Four and spouses as we (the girls)like to call ourselves!  :)
Because trying to find a sitter is IMPOSSIBLE in December, everyone was kind enough to let us have the party at our house.  We ordered in a little Papa Johns Pizza and talked and laughed like crazy!  Our topics of conversation spanned everything from talking cub scouts and the silver beaver award all the way to gun control...the conversation never lacked for complete entertainment!
Sieb's hosted their fun Candy Bar game.  I may have cheated....a little!  :)  But hey...when chocolate is involved...self control is non-existent!! :)                      
Then we pushed the kids downstairs (Literally) and then the "real" partying began!  
Bring on the White Elephant gifts!  I went first...and got some AWESOME "Handerpant" gloves!  :)  VERY awesome!
Ang decided that they were indeed QUITE AWESOME...and she stole them from me!
Coby may have gotten the best gift of all...AUTOGRAPHED Senior Pictures of Fab and Amy.  I think Amy wanted to die!  It was a HILARIOUS!  Way to go Siebs!  **And just for the record...if my Senior pictures looked as beautiful as Amy's....I'd probably have them displayed FRONT and center for my children to see!**
Since Fab is very PRO gun...I thought it fitting that he got the Duck Dynasty air fresheners!  He seems SUPER thrilled!
Then Amy got some "fish and chips"  Clever!!
Rob got an ice cream maker....I SO wanted to steal it!

Wipers for Brett...EYE Wipers that is!!

The fun kept going....
Rob got into the spirit and I think it took Ang by surprise!  :)
All because of Brett and Camille's "inside" gift of....
POP ROCKS!!  I'd like to explain...but this is a family I'll keep this one between the Core Four and our hubbies!  :)
As you can see from the picture above...Indeed I was the ULTIMATE winner...POP Rocks and a little white elephant creamer.
But, unfortunately, all good things must eventually come to an end!  :(  This little guy was COMPLETELY spent by the end of the night!

We had so much fun tonight!  My sides hurt from all the laughing! I LOVE spending time with these amazing people!  It's nice when every couple can click as well as this group!  Each couple adds so much.  They all adore their spouses (some it seems more than others) and always leave me wanting to be better for my sweet Coby! I don't know how we got so lucky!  Until next year...  

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