Saturday, August 27, 2011

Jaden goes potty in the potty

One happy baby!! =  2 Even HAPPIER parents!!

Careful buddy...don't fall in...!

I feel like Jaden has been ready to start potty training for a while now.  He always tells me when he's "Stinkeeee" as he crinkles up his cute little face.  And when he has to pee he touches his crotch and says, "Peeeeee".  He's so funny because he thinks farts and burps are the most hilarious things EVER!!!  

So, today I asked him if he needed to go potty in the "big" potty and he of course said yes.  He tried and by tried I mean he tried so hard his face went red and he was grunting (also very funny and cute).  And nothing came out.  I just figured he didn't need to to. I left him in the bathroom and went into the kitchen to talk to Cobe.  All of a sudden we hear him peeing in the toilet.  We both ran into the bathroom to see and lo and behold...he had TOTALLY peed in the potty.  It was memorable!!  Has it happened since??  NO...but we're still trying!  :)


Unknown said...


Unknown said...

I sure do love that sweet little boy. He will be all trained by the end of the year. I love you!!

Sommer said...

Oh, can't wait to see that little peeing-in-the-toilet all-growing-up-without-me toad!! Ill be there on the 9/29!!

bob and sara rich said...

wahoo, way to go on the potty training tactics! Take notes for me! :)