Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bear Lake with the WHOLE Rich Gang

I love this picture of ALL of us...minus a really cute little blond.

Crazy Uncle Ben was turning Corbin in the water in that big ball...Corb was loving every minute of it!!

Then Coby had to join in too....I think Corb may have been singing..."Dizzy...I'm so dizzy, my head is spinning...!"

It was fun to spend a little time with Bobby and Sara and little baby Dunckie Doodle!  I can't believe how big he's gotten!  He reminds me of my little ...I mean chunky monkeys.  He's ONE solid kidling!!

Speaking of he is!!

Corb  and Sammi were LOVING tubing behind the boat

Jaden wasn't so sure!!

And once Duncan realized that Bobby was in NO danger...he sat back and enjoyed the ride with his cute momma!


I love this shot of my Cobe and Jades...he's definitely a cute little snuggler!

Then Ben took a turn at the tube...and Bobby wasted NO time showing what the boat could do!

Then Corb wanted to take his turn at skiing!  

And he's ........UP!!!!

Yep...he's a pro and he just turned 6! 

Way to go Corbi-Mac!!

Jades wanted to play in that ball...and I think he got stuck!!

Corb  and Sam were having fun pushing each other around in it.

Then Jades found some "fancy" shoes...and LOVED them.  He actually started wearing them around until Coby found out and accidentally "hid" them.  Seriously, I NEED A  LITTLE GIRL!!!!

Then, Marse, Whit and I went to have a little girl time on the raft.  We didn't want to get wet, so we kayaked to the raft.  Marse rowed us in...and I'm sure she got a sandpaper burn from constantly having her arms touch my spikey legs!!  :)  Sorry Marse!!

But it looks like she triumphed anyway!!

Just a couple of cheesers!!

Here is a shot of one of Jaden's little crushes, "Lillie"  aka... Liddie or Lydia Haws!  Ally and Liddie were so cute, they would fight over who got to play with Jaden.  Jaden loved the "tug-a-war" he was in the middle of. 

We had such a fun trip to Bear Lake with everyone.  It's tight quarters, but it sure is so much fun to just sit back, relax and be close to family.  I love this Rich family of mine and feel so blessed to be a part of them!


Anonymous said...

I can't believe how high the water looks like a different place. You guys always take the most amazing pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Sara Lou said...

Great post and tribute to our great family! We miss you guys! Love ya!