Friday, August 26, 2011

Happy 33rd to me

My birthday celebrations started the day before with my cute little "Little" treating me to a little birthday lunch.  We chatted without any kids.  It was AWESOME!  And as usual, time went WAY too fast!  And we soon found ourselves having to say goodbye.  

My actual Birthday started out with a little Birthday Brunch at Joanne's house with all of the Rich girls.  It was PERFECT.  She had her table all decorated and each place setting had a fun bottle of nail polish as a favor.  She made Eggs Benedict on English Muffins, these to die for raspberry muffins (Amber Sargent's you KNOW they were good!!!), and some yummy fruit.  She really put a lot of time and effort into it and I LOVED it!  Thank you soo much!!  It was a great treat from the night I had before missing my little Jackie Joo.  My mom and Ambie were with me and I felt like I needed to visit my little Jackie.  So we headed off to the cemetery after the Brunch Festivities.  It was a beautiful day.  Not too hot and I know that my little Jack was there with us.  I miss him so much and it's hard to celebrate every birthday without him there to help me blow out the candles.  But, I think that the more birthdays I's just one year closer to the day I'll get the best present of all...holding my sweet Jack again.

When we got home from the cemetery, Coby had come home with THOSE!!  I love lots of colorful flowers.   The computer had a sticky note on it telling me to press play.  He made me a sweet little video message.  It was really sweet!  He decided to work from home and sent me a little video survey online to fill out in preparation of my birthday date.

Later that night, my mom took the boys and Coby took me to see a cute movie.  If you haven't seen should really go.  It's cute and has a couple twists that I didn't see coming.  Then we headed off for a little sushi.

Las Vegas Roll....YUMMY!!!  We went to dinner at a place called Mt. Fuji.  Great food...SUPER SLOW service.

Then on the way home I turned super bratty.  I was so excited for my birthday present.  I asked him when I could have it and he said..."Well, I wanted to pick it up today, but it wouldn't fit in the trunk."  I thought..."Oh my has to be AMAZING and BIG."  Then he told me it was a freezer and I said out loud..."Really, a freezer...for my birthday?"  With a SUPER rude face as I said it.  It really hurt his feelings.  Then I went further and said something to the effect that getting a freezer was as exciting as getting new tires on the car.  Then I felt like the biggest jerk!  I didn't know how to fix it and was in a bad mood and so I just sat not saying anything and probably hurt his feelings more.  Later he told me that I couldn't have the freezer anymore and now I really want one!!  :)  So, time your husband gets you a gift you are NOT excited NICE and say THANK YOU and make him feel good about the thought!  :)  

The next day I decided to kill time and hit the D.I. while Coby went on a bike ride.  This is what I found!!

A Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper bag for $1.50!!   I couldn't believe my luck!!  I was so excited!!

Happy birthday to me!!  Jadesy was SUPER excited to help me blow out my candles!  We all went over to my mom's house to open a BIG birthday package from Aunt Sommy and Uncle Drew.  Sommer is the BEST at present giving.  She's always a big spender it seems and I am happy to reap the benefits of her labors!!  :)  She gave me an AWESOME and gorgeous Guess wallet.  I loved it!  She also sent presents for Coby (some sweet shorts), Corbin (A pokemon game for his DSI and pokemon cards....let me tell ya...that little boy was in HEAVEN) and for Jaden a musical vacuum cleaner.  He loves it.  It sings, "I'm going to clean the house...Dooo-da....Dooo-da."  And Jaden walks around singing "Dooo-da...Dooo-da."  It's so cute!  Thanks Aunt Sommy....We love you and miss you tons and tons!!!

My birthday was GREAT thanks to so many awesome people who stopped by and dropped things off, took me to lunch, wished me happy birthday and just took the time to make me feel GREAT!  Thank you all sooo much!  Coby...I'm super sorry and wish I would have just said THANK YOU!  You did a GREAT job planning out a GREAT birthday and I am so grateful for you!  Love you baby!


Lady said...

Coby is a sweetheart for sure Tiff, you're a lucky little girl. Thank you Tiff coby for the purse for my birthday gift and Sommie and Drew for the gift cards you sent to me, when you come we will all go eat on them. I love you Tiff & Coby and Som & Drew and Ambie and Wayne Thanks for making my birthday special.

Lanae said...

HA! Little girl, you just make me laugh! I love being with you, but when I'm not with you and I can still get a good laugh just reading your blog. I'm so glad we got to hang sans kids, it was the BEST! And you do have so many people who just adore you (how could we not??) I'll see you tomorrow.. or today.. I guess. That's what I get for staying up wayyy toooo late. Loves, little

abbyandcompany said...

Um, I scored a PPB diaper bag at Value Village, but it was $7 bucks...still a good deal. I love the Cake bags, they are so adorable! How fitting for your birthday! I cannot wait for Boise. Thrift shopping here we come. If you flake on me I will have to hurt you!

bob and sara rich said...

You can tell Cobe to send the freezer our way! :) Awesome find at the DI, we should go LOTS when we move back! Love ya!