Saturday, August 13, 2011

Corbin's Swim Lessons

There's our little fishy

And there's NANA...always buying TREATS for the boys!!!  Seriously...9 am....doesn't even deter her from being a "nana" and buying chips and candy!!  :)

Mrs. Lorie (Corbin's preschool teacher...who we just LOVE) had her daughter filling in this day and was helping Corb do a kneeling dive.


And he's IN!!!

What do you get after 2 weeks of swim lessons...well, a popsicle of course!  Even Jaden got one, so it was a good day!

I am so proud of my first little fishy!  He's really turning out to be a fantastic little swimmer!  This year he's learned to dive,  swim freestyle, the breast stroke, swim across one end of the pool while holding his breath and wade in water.  I would love to listen to Mrs Lorie say, "Bend....Straight...X...!"  Can't wait til next year when my other little turkey is joining the ranks with Corbin and learning to swim.  

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