Wednesday, August 03, 2011

A Family Hike

There's my where did Jack wonder off to??!!

Jades didn't feel like walking and he's now too big for the the backpack he went.

So Sweet!!!

Me and the boys....Doesn't Jaden look thrilled??

OH, I love that little schrunchkin!!

We found a few hikers that were willing to take a picture for us.

There was this sweet old bridge...perfect for taking a little shot...wish Cobe could have made it over in time.

For family home evening we decided grab a little dinner and take the kids up Little Cottonwood Canyon and go on a little hike.  It was sooo beautiful.  The boys were loving it and I wished we could have staying longer.  I having been loving hiking lately.  It's so refreshing, energizing and an excellent way for us to get in a little workout while enjoying our time with the kids.  I love living in Utah and having access to such amazing outdoor fun.


Laurie said...

Great pictures, Tiff! We love heading up the Cottonwood Canyons too. Which hike is this? It looks beautiful!

Tiffany said...

Hey Laurie! Thanks!! I believe it was the Mount Aire trail....but Coby just told me that it was in Millcreek Canyon. Oooops!!

Laurie said...

Thanks, Tiff!