Monday, July 25, 2011

2011 JEMCO Family Reunion

Welcome to the JEMCO family reunion.   It's Coby's grandmother, Mootzie's side of the family.  This year my cute Melanie, Ben and Katie were in charge!  They did a GREAT job!


The moose got the party started!  Seriously, in all my time at Bear Lake, I've never even heard of seeing a moose (unless you are counting the one hanging in Jeanette's house that Corbin used to be so fond of), let alone actually SEEING one!  I think Melanie got this arranged!  She's talented like that!

We started with the Pledge of Allegiance

Then had a little devotional on the significance of the colors of the flag.  Very interesting!

Then it was on to making ROCKETS!

Here's my little cowboy in the midst of things!

Here's Ben making his rocket...what the the??!!

Sam and Ben were teaming up to make FANTASTIC rocket together!

The finished product!

This baby LOVES the swing!  He loves it when we hold him up as high as it will go and ask him, "HOOOOOW OOOOOLD ARRRRRRE YOOOOOOOU?!!!"  Then he shouts, "TWWWWWOOOO!!"

Jadesy has a little crush on Ally Haws...aka the Baby whisperer!!

She is SOOO sweet!  All my kids have just LOVED her!!  I can't wait til she's a little older because she will be the BEST babysitter!  Jaden wakes up most mornings saying, "Allllweee" or "Lidddeeee" (her little sister Lydia)  It's so cute!

Corb and Preston having a ball playing everywhere....***NAME THE MOVIE:  Yeti: Oh, sure. Tough kids, sissy kids, kids who climb on rocks...***

Then the REAL fun began.  There was an obstacle course.  It goes as follows:  First you must try to throw 5 footballs through a blow up ball thingy, then spin around with your forehead on a paddle and for 10 spins, then run and swim around the boat, get out and jump over a few hurdles.  Lance was way funny!  I'll try post a video!  But poor Lance crashed hard like 3 separate times before actually making it to the water!  

And this little monkey was just ACHING for a little Tickle time with me!!

Corb couldn't stay out of the water!!

And this one loved it too...but for now he's enjoying a little wagon ride.

There's me and my girl Whit!

Anna, baby Amelia and me

And finally, the star of the show...Miss MELANIE Bingham and her CUTE little Noah!!

Is this NOT Marianne's smile or what??!!  (Maybe not the tongue...but still) She's definitely a cheeser!!  I LOVE it!!

Speaking of cheesers!!!

Check out those muscles!!!!  LOOK OUT comes Momma Jo!!

I just love this one of Coby's cousin Will and his little Hadley.

I have NO idea...but it was obviously pretty funny!

Then we had a talent show.  I think Ally and Liddie may have one this one.  They did a GREAT routine with flips and everything to the song "Lollipop" by Mika.  It was AMAZING!!  Jaden was in Heaven watching his two favorite girls!!

Here we are watching the lovely Talent Show!

Ben was in charge of a fireworks show....

And what a show it was!!

This was a GREAT family reunion!  A fun time was had by ALL!!

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