Friday, July 01, 2011


Here are some things he's said lately.

We were sitting in church a few Sundays ago and were all taking the sacrament.

I told him to take it with his RIGHT hand.  He asked why and to be honest I don't exactly know other than the fact that my mom always had us take it that way.  I think it may have something to do with the Right hand of God.  So that's what I said.  He thought for a second an then held up his left hand and said, "Is this the WRONG Hand of God?"  It was pretty funny.  Meanwhile Jades decided that he couldn't wait to eat the bread and water, so he made his way over to one of the deacons and "got" it himself.  Suffice it to say, we weren't as reverent as we should have been.

Corb is such a character!  He fell asleep like this and Cob and I thought it was pretty funny!

Another time we were driving home from my parent's house.  Corb has been asking for a pocket knife for F O R E V E R.....  We've told him that he can't have one  until he's 10 or something like that.  Here's how the conversation went:

Corb:  Dad, have you ever killed a bear?
Dad:  Ya.
Corb: How did you do it?
Dad:  With my bare hands.
Corb:  (eyes very wide) Then what did you do with it?
Mom:  He cooked it up and put it in a stew.
Corb: What did it taste like?
Dad: Chicken.
Corb:  Hey, I have a GREAT idea.  Why don't we find a bear.  Kill it.  Eat all the CHICKEN out of it and then hang it on our wall.

It was pretty funny!


Sommer said...

I miss you guys......:(

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Teddy-n-Mai's mom said...

Not trying to be snarky but FYI: there is no actual rule about taking the sacrament with your right is not written anywhere in any official church handbook. It's just one of those Mormon myths