Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy Birthday 2nd Jadesy Baby

 Happy Birthday my cute little Stinker Stinker, Nuggie, Turkey Toad, Stink Wink, Jadesy Baby, Jader Bader Butter Bug, Bubba and the list can go on and on!!

He LOVES to swing.  He's so cute.  We'll push him up and hold him high and ask him "How old are you?  And he'll laugh, "TWOOOOO". 

 Love that cheezy little grin!  He has a little underbite that I hope goes away...but for now I LOVE IT!

Boat time with my little nuggie!

He loves his daddy!

AND he LOVES shoes!!  Is this kid MINE or what??!!  

I could eat this boy up all day!!

He loves to be thrown in the air!  He loves CANDY even more.  He always says "Gank you."  He likes to give High Fives and loves it even more if you pretend that it hurts you.  He loves to give raspberries.  He knows who Jack is.  He loves looking at pictures.  I love his blond/white hair!  It's especially cute after a bath and it dries with these little "wings" on the sides of his ears.  He loves to give "Panks" and gives them to things that hurt him.  Just like Corbin.  Not sure who taught him that. 

He LOVES basketball!  And he's a pretty good shot too!


Here he is throwing a ski ball at the arcade.  He's definitely has an arm...that's for sure!!  I love when he says, "I know know..."  (I don't know) or When he laughs with a little growl.  He has picked up saying, "Wa You." 

See what I mean??!!

He LOVES his blue and white "blankies" and rarely lets us take him anywhere without them.  He has a few favorites, but I do believe Corbin or "Bobil" as Jades says is by far his person of choice.  He still rests his head on our shoulders and keeps us falling in love with him continuously.  

He loves going to the water park and bobbing around in the water.  He gets mad at us when we try to "help" him.    He loves to JUMP in the water chanting "Aaah  Eeee Ooooh Ooooh ...over and over again.  He loves to play in the water and water all the plants and Aunt "Ammie" (Ambie). 

I just love this baby!  He has definitely been the little bit of heaven that we needed since we lost Jack.  He has brought more joy and happiness along with Corbin than Coby and I thought possible.  He's a happy little boy that STILL needs naps, despite his constant refusal EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!!  

I love that he still loves to give kisses!  It's very sweet!
He still loves his "ba ba" even though we've tried and tried to cure him of it!  Like Corbin's Dodey, I don't think the kids actually have the problem, it's me and coby!  Everyone morning he wakes up and asks for "Pwotee" (Protein...aka chocolate carnation instant breakfast). He's CONSTANTLY asking for "Juish" (Juice) and I think he'd happily love to live off a diet of liquids any day!  Every morning when we go to get him out of his crib, we knock and say, "Hello?"  and he responds back with "AAALLOOOWWW?"    

He's pretty good about telling me that he's "Stinky" or if he pees he'll say, "Peeeee".  He loves his Nana and I think he'd prefer her to coby and I most days.

He loves to brush his "Teese" (Teeth).  He's still my helpful little cleaner and loves to spray the lysol stuff.  He loves Pup.  He definitely has a temper and it's a BAD one!  In fact, I'm just about to delete all of the above verbage because he's been sooooo grumpy!!! 

This is how he prays!  It's SOOO adorable!  I love that the loves to say the prayer.  He usually only says the few words of each sentence and then SHOUTS, "AMMEN" And then smile hugely from ear to ear!

I love this baby so much!  Happy 2nd Birthday Baby! 

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