Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Father's Day 2011

This year for Father's Day, the boys and I planned a special treat for our sweet Dad!  Instead of flowers, we made a "candy bar" bouquet, Creme' Brulee French Toast with OJ.

Corb drew Coby a picture of our family

While Jades was in charge of the envelope.

I turn my back for one second and what happens....  A SNEAKY LITTLE CHOCOLATE MONSTER tries to steal one of our candy bar "flowers."

And then there were TWO!!


And then it was off to tackle daddy and tell about our presents downstairs.

The boys LOVED it...and I don't think they were the only ones....

Happy Father's Day baby!!

And then Corb found the whipped cream....

And monkey see....Monkey do!!!

This year for Father's Day I thought it would be fun to get Coby some much needed stuff for the lawn.  I noticed a few weeks ago that he threw out our weed wacker.  So, I thought...PERFECT, I'll get him a really good one with a blower.  So I did a little research and off to Home Depot I went.  After I got home I notice another weed wacker in the garage and so I asked him if he had borrowed one from one of our neighbors.  To my surprise he says, "Babe...I bought that weed wacker last year....YOU PICKED IT OUT...remember?"  GREAT!!!  So much for surprises!!

At any rate, I just wanted to tell you what a GREAT Father you are.  Our boys look up to you and if they get to be half the man you are...I will definitely hold my head high!  You are a amazing.  I know that Jack looks down on you and tells all his angel friends..."Yep...that's MY dad!!"  We love you baby!  I hope that your Father's day was great and that you know just how much we adore you!

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Lanae said...

Holy postings woman! I loved the girls camp pics - and the cool green polish! Shrek color green, looks like.
And my favorite pic was the card that Cobin colored for Cob. Precious. The two J's - so very sweet.
And Dr. Kramer - I remember when he was on your doorstep. I met him that day and I just thought, what a sweet, tender-hearted man. He was crying that day and of course I cried too.
I love you, you sweet girl! And Em and I were thinking of doing a GNO this next week, so wees needs to talk bebe.
Love, little