Saturday, June 04, 2011

Goodbye Dr. Cramer

It was a sad sad day today.  Today was Dr. Joseph Cramer's last day as our Pediatrician.  He has been the BEST doctor EVER!  He has always been the type of doctor that took the time to talk to you as a person and not as some patient paying his salary.  He may have been a little long winded, but I'd wait for him.  

I was told that days after Jack passed away that he was standing on our door step crying.  When I think about it now, I get teary-eyed.  He found his way to the funeral and made it a point to say, "YOU are a good mom...DON'T FORGET THAT." as he stared into my eyes with his eyes full of tears.  It touched my heart and I will forever be grateful to the doctor that took the time to reaffirm what I needed to hear at the very moment.  I needed to hear that I was a good mom, because at the deepest part of my soul I was struggling and feeling like I had already failed as a mother and that I didn't even deserve the chance I had left with Corbin as well as future children. 

He is an amazing doctor and I wish him all the best.  He will forever have left a hand print on my heart.  Good Luck Dr. Cramer.  We'll sure miss you!

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Anonymous said...

What a GREAT story and what a neat doctor!