Saturday, July 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Corbi-Mac-a-Doodle

Happy Birthday my sweet little Corbi-Mac a doodle!!  I can't believe that he's finally 6 years old.  It seems like only a few days ago that he was learning to walk and talk.  Now you talk ALOT!!!   This year for Corb's birthday we celebrated in style at Planet Play.  They have pretty decent pizza and a huge arcade with bumper cars, lazer tag, glow in the dark miniature golf, go karts and even bowling.  It's one of Corb's favorite places to go.  Because he got such a fun gift (A Nintendo DSi...he's seriously been asking for one since Kindergarten started), we decided to have a small birthday party.  He was allowed to invite one friend.  He chose his friend Coleman.

Corb and his little buddy Coleman

Uncle Benny Winny Boo Boo, Lou Bear and Masey 

Here's a fun one of me and my little Ambie.  Missing our Sommy!

Having a little girl time.  Ambie came despite her broken hand.  Lanae, Whit and I were trying to figure out how to eat this yummy cinnamon bread without it actually counting as calories!  :)  I'm not sure any of us made it.

Then the kids found the bumper cars....

As you can see....they ALL LOVED IT!!

Corb was in HEAVEN!!!

I'm not sure who this guy is...???

But this little guy was having the time of his life!  He was feeling like such a big kid!

Glow in the dark miniature golf


Corb was LOVING opening his presents

Aunt Marse gave him some 'dough....I think he thought it was like $200!!

Then Aunt Whit gave him THAT huge bag of candy.....and JADESY was in HEAVEN!!

It was so fun to watch Corb open Jordan's gift!  Once he realized the damage he could do....I'd swear it was Christmas in JULY!!

Later we went to Honey and Poppy's house and blew out the candles on his cake (And this cake was seriously SO GOOD...if I do say so myself)

Happy Birthday you sweet cute beautiful baby boy!!  We love ya!!  (Your birthday tribute will follow soon)

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