Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Bear Lake / 4th of July 2011

Here is our little family on this Fourth of July.  (Jack was there too...he's the sun spot next to Corb.)

"Just for the taste of it....


Corb found this GREAT Indiana Jones hat while up here and was hardly seen without his trusty hat and whip!  It was pretty cute!!

Even Jadesy got in on the Hat action!!

Marse always make the most tasty desserts!!  

Speaking of Marse, there she is with her Lance and little Livvy

Honey can always be found snuggling with the newest little bundle of cuteness....welcome miss Amelia!!

Don't they have the GREATEST smiles??!!

Speaking of smiles....!!  SCARY!!

"The bombs BURSTING in air..."

I think Corbin thought his "whip" really did do this!!


Jadesy LOVED this swing.  He just turned two so I'd hold up the swing as high as it would go and ask Jades, "How old are you?"  And he would reply holding up 5 fingers..."TWWWWOOOOO"  Then just giggle and giggle!  It was pretty cute!

What can I say...I'm a poser!

Did I say POSER????!!  This little girl's smiles cracks me up...honestly how can you NOT smile when you see her grinning like that??!!

Corb was sooo brave.  Here he is almost UP on the skis!  He's so excited to be able to do things that his daddy is so good at.  I can't believe how fast he's growing!!!  SLOOOOWWWW  DOWN little boy!!

The babies loved just playing in the sand

Later that night we watch the fireworks on our roof with my family.

Jaden wasn't especially excited to be held down...he wanted to walk around....but that was a big fat NO NO!!

My dad and Ambie  or "Ammmie" as Jadesy says.

I'm not sure where Corb was...but here is some of our family as the fireworks were going off.

Oooooh ..... Ahhhhh...

This was a GREAT 4th of July.  I am so grateful to live in such an amazing country where we are free to choose.  I am so grateful for my freedom and for the men and women who gave their lives for me.  We are truly a blessed nation!  Wish we could have seen all of our little family today, but I know that we will.....Someday!  :)

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Ashley said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! Very cute pics.