Saturday, August 06, 2011

Happy 8 Year Anniversary Baby!!

This year for our 8...yes 8 year anniversary Coby took me away for the weekend to Park City.  We started our celebration with a mountain bike ride.  I've never been actually in the mountains biking and I thought it wouldn't be too hard....I was WRONG!  It was hard, but it was also WAY fun!  I got a few cuts and bruises along the way, but the view was spectacular and the mountains weren't so bad either!!  :)

A little pit stop along the way

Then after a MUCH deserved Diet Coke, it was off to the Hotel.  It was SOOO nice!!

I felt like I was royalty!!

A little fun at the pool.  

When we got back to our room, they had turned down the beds, placed mints on our pillows, placed these thick robes and slippers out for us...and water bottles next to each of our sides of the King sized bed.  They must have thought I was Kelly Rippa or something!  :)  Just kidding!  I WISH!!

Then it was off to get ready for a night on the town

And to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse...but first to take out a small mortgage on our house to pay for the bill...  ;)  Just kidding!

If you've never been here...and you have a little money to throw around, come HERE.  It was SOOO worth it!!  We both had steak obviously, I had lobster tail and both loved our salads.  I had some sort of chop salad...TO DIE FOR is all I have to say!!  

My mouth is literally watering as I post this picture!!

Then our sweet server brought us out a cheesecake for the road...ON THE HOUSE!!  Very nice!

It was SO big that we both couldn't finish it....hours later!!
Here's our Hotel at night.  I was magical!

Thanks babe for the best 8 years of my life.  I love you more than anything in this whole wide world.  You make me want to be the best girl I can be so we can be together forever.  You are amazing and I feel so blessed every single day that you choose ME!!  I'm one lucky girl!  Here's to US!!  Happy Anniversary Baby!  It was a BLAST!!


abbyandcompany said...

Happy Anniversary! Love the pics of you and Coby at dinner. You look so gorgeous, darling! I told Daniel when I am done with this nursing crap (and I next summer) I am taking up Mountain Biking!

Sommer said...

So first of all your calves look AMAZING in the bike pictures!!!! also, the waldorf is where drew and i spent our honeymoon night! it was amazing, huh?! i loved it!! but i have to say that we weren't impressed with the food! but then again we were both really sick! :(