Monday, September 05, 2011

Labor Day at Bear Lake

Gotta LOVE Bear Lake and starting the day off with Bear Lake Zumba...courtesy of Coby's cute cousin Elisa.  Even my mom and sister joined in the party! 
Joanne was a PRO!
Dave and Troy were showing off their MAD Zumba skills in front of the glass.  It was pretty funny...since the stage Elisa was teaching Zumba was directly in front of those glass windows.  Those Crazy Pattersons!  We love them!
 Later that day we all went out on the boat.  Who's that girl??!!!
Take a closer look....
Why it's ME!!! 
Coby actually got PROOF that I got out on the wake board this year.  
And here's our little fish and his daddy! 
Oh, I love this place!  I was so excited that my parents and sister could join us at Bear Lake for a little R and R this Labor Day.  It was nice to be surrounded by family.  I love that we all live so close and can do things like this together.  We feel pretty blessed!  Thanks Jim and Jo for making it happen!  We love ya!

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