Monday, September 26, 2011

FHE Hikes with the Riches

In an effort to spend time together as a family and enjoy the beautiful Utah mountains (before they get too cold), we thought it would be fun to go hiking as a family.  It started out as just a Rich family hike for FHE one Monday night...that has become our weekly FHE Monday Night Hike.  

The first hike we went on was to Ferguson Canyon in Big Cottonwood Canyon.  As you can was quite breathtaking!!
 Honey with most of her little grand-critters. 

Corb is our little dare devil and always willing to show his cousins his mad climbing skills!
 Jaden was loving playing with his cousins.

Here's me and my girl Whit.  Chance was a trooper despite his want of a nap. 
Lance, Livvy, and Marse.  This little girl cracks me up!  She LOVES to sit on your hip while holding her.  Her legs just gravitate to your hips then she digs her heels in to get a good handle on holding on!  It's soooo cute!  I love that little squish!!
 Ben's shoulders must have hurt by this point...but just look...he's still going strong!!  I'm not sure who looks more tired Lu Bear or Ben??!!
 And down we go....
 Livvy kept wanting to show everyone that she was a big girl and could not walk it...but keep up as well!
Here's Moses...I mean BEN after the hike was over.
 Wow...I have no words for this one!!  It does remind me of Jack though!

 Our next hike was Doughnut Falls
Just Beautiful!
When they got back we decided that in light of the hike being called Doughut Falls...Donuts were DEFINITELY in order!!  Yummo!
 The next hike was at a park called Tanner Park...and as you can see from the's FOR CHILDREN!!  We had a picnic dinner and then headed out.
 I love this picture of Anna-Lisa and baby Amelia.
Jadesy didn't get a nap he was's the word...OH YA...GRUMPY!
But after getting a sucker...he was a pretty happy boy!

I have REALLY been LOVING our Monday Night FHE hikes.  I'm sad that they have either come to an end...or are coming to an end.  The kids have loved it!  It's been so fun to hang out with most of Coby's extended family.  I'm hoping to be able to get in at least ONE more little hike before we officially call it quits.

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