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Final thoughts and memories of Jack from Aunt Sommie

I should have posted this a long time ago!  When Jack passed away I asked many people to write down their memories of my sweet little Jack.  My sister was fortunate enough to have spent a lot of time with him.  Here are some of her memories.  I treasure them.

where do i start.  There are so many that I hope I can put them all down.

Jackson and Corbin brushing Jasmine's fur with your toothbrush (with toothpaste on it - i believe) -  so sorry about that!  It is a little funny though.

Me putting little Jackie to bed that same night.  He was so sweet.  I kissed the top of his head and then his nose because I loved kissing him there.  Corbin kissed him on the top of his head and said "Love you Jack"  Then I put him in his crib.  The next morning I got a call from Tiff that said, "you didnt want to wash the toothpaste out of his hair before he went to bed."  Apparently there was a lot of it.  It was all matted down in his hair.  How did I miss that!

Jackie loved Jasmine.  Although, I dont think Jasmine felt the love.  Jackie loved to sit on her.  Jasmine would growl but not move.  I would go pull Jackie off and put him far away.  Two seconds later I would hear that growl again.  So I would pull Jackie off again and play with for a bit.  Jackie would wonder off.  Next thing I knew I saw Jasmine snip at Jackie.  I think what happened was that Jack was poking her in the eye.  Jack loved to do that as well.
I loved coming to visit and seeing my boys.  If Jack was sleeping I couldnt wait to get him.  I would ask if i could go wake him up.  Tiff would say no of course.  Corbin and I would go check several times to see if he was awake.  I loved seeing his little head pop up. Then with his empty bottle still in his mouth he would smile so big and reach out to me with the one hand that was free.  I would pick him up and kiss him all over.  Then he would grunt and point to his humidifier to press the button to turn it off.  I would bring him downstairs and he would get an even bigger grin when he would see his mommy. 
 I remember before we left for Bear Lake he was walking around with a bag of pretzels.
I remember one time he and Corbin were playing with the fan.  They kept talking into it.  They actually were kind of fighting about it.  Jack kept unplugging it while Corbin was talking into it or visa-versa.  He would get mad and cry and look right at you as if to say "hello don't you notice I am crying!"  

They had a sippy cup over by the fan.  Apparently it was leaking a little.  Jack pulled a towel off of the stove and walked over to the fan (which was over by the sliding glass door) and started wiping it up.  Oh it was adorable.  That little boy loved to clean.
Jackie loved to eat we all know!  But he liked to use those teeth for other things other than chewing.  Several times when I would be holding Jack he would bite my neck.  I would say "ow don't bite."  He would throw back his smile and laugh my favorite laugh in the world and then do it again.  We would repeat this process over and over again.  But what can you expect for a doodle.

When Coby was on business trips I would spend the night.  I would sleep with Tiffany in their bed.  So she would nurse him in the middle of the night.  I think sounds are amplified when you are sleeping.  I dont know if it is because everything is so queit.  But that baby was so loud!  He was the loudest piglet!  It drove me insane.  One night, I said to Tiff that he was like the fat little dalmation on 101 Dalmations.  I said in his little language (crying) he was saying, "I'm hungry mommy.  I'm really really hungry!"

I loved holding my  little Jackie and he would dip back and I would nibble on his belly!  He would laugh!  Then he come back up and we would do it again and again. 
I remember when he was just a little baby he had to be rocked to sleep.  And not just sitting down rocked you had to stand up and walk around bouncing as you went and making a "Shooshing" sound.  He would eventually fall asleep with his chubby little cheeks just drooping toward the ground.  Oooh,  he got heavy!  Then when I finally got to put him down in his crib it had to be ever so careful whispering the shooshing sound in his ear for a litle bit until he was sound asleep.  Then I would go and cuddle watching Woody for the 3rd time in a row that night.  Those were priceless nights.

I remember giving him and corbin baths.  He would do everything corbin would do.  He loved to stand up.  I would say no, sit down.  then he would stand up again.  We would repeat this process until he would get side tracked.  They loved to play with the shower head that came down.  He also as we all know loved to play with his weiner.  No suprise there.

I remember one time Corbin did a couple of circles and then hit Jack with a stuffed dog.  Jack fell off the couch and did a couple of rolls on the floor.  He got up with that big smile and threw his head back and laughed like that was the time of his life.

Jack when he was a baby loved to be thrown up in the air.  I would say, "Ready, Ready."  He would smile so big and laugh.  I would dip him down and then throw him up.  He loved that game.  

I remember when he first learned to walk it was hard to change his diaper.  I would get the old off of him and then before i would know it he was off.  I never was good at putting his diapers on him while he was standing up.  
We all know that Jack had a little bit of a weight problem.   but I loved telling tiff whenever we talking about how much we loved him i would say, "I mean he is just so small" and then Tiff would come back and say," Yes, very small.  Dainty!"  He was our small, dainty doodle!
I can still see Tiff saying "Doodle" in her fun little voice.  He would laugh and laugh.  He loved his mommy so much.
He loved it when Coby would come home.  He would reach out to him.  Then like a good father and husband he would change the boys diapers. 
Man, he is the fastest diaper changer ever!  
I remember when jackie was just a little baby and he was just strickly on tiff's milk.  We went to IHop and tiff gave him a little bit of whip cream.  Oh he couldnt get enough of it.  It made him so happy.  He made  his little grunt and pointed to get more.  We put a little on our finger and put it in his mouth and he would suck so hard as if it was going to come out of our finger.  I was worried that he wouldnt take to tiff's milk anymore.  Oh but don't worry about that!
I remember shortly after you brought him home from the hospital falling asleep so many times with him on my chest.  Oh i loved that.  How I will cherish those memories.

He loved going to the park.  He loved going down the slide and the swing with corbin.  One time we went and the swings were wound all the way up to the top.  Corbin wanted to swing but he wouldnt go without his brother.  So I shimmied my way up the the top and unwound them.  The boys had so much fun.  Jack would giggle everytime I would push him.  When Corbin was done, suprise suprise so was Jack.

Jack loved to get in the fridge.  He loved to pull out everything he could.  One time he pulled out the eggs.  That was a mess.  I thought it was funny...others did not.  Haha!

He loved playing with my watch or my bracelets.  I still cant find one of them.  He would get my watch in knots.  I had no idea how he did it because it would take me forever to figure out how to get out.

I loved it when we were in the car and I would look back and he would smile and laugh.  We would repeat that process over and over again.
I have so many memories!  I ache to hold my little boy!  or to hear his little laugh or grunt!  or to see his smile! or to nibble his tummy!  But I will cherish these memories!  I am so grateful that I am such a big part of your lives!  Thank you for letting me be!  As I remember little memories I will email them to you!  I want them recorded!  I don't want to ever forget them!  Love you with all of my heart!


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