Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Dirty Dash

 A few SKIDMARKS...PRE-mud!
 Lanae and I showing off our wicked hot skidmark tatoos.
BEFORE.....the race....
When my cute friend Kellie asked me if I wanted to do the Dirty Dash this year...I almost said NO! (***NOTE*** at the end of the post) Am I EVER glad that I didn't!  This race turned out to be the BEST, MOST FUN, AMAZING, not to mention DIRTIEST race EVER!!  Don't let my stunningly beautiful cousin fool you...she really is the complete package...Looks, Smarts, and LOADS of FUN!  She got her husband to dress up and they both wore wigs for the race.   Jared (Lanae's husband) was a trooper.  His mullet wig made me laugh EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. I looked at him!!
Kellie was kind enough to put together a team.  We were the SKIDMARKS.  We all started the race together...but somewhere we lost track of everyone.  Lanae, Jared and Coby and I stuck together.
Coby was AWESOME!  He wore a Go-Pro attached to his head the whole time so we could capture our AWESOMENESS on camera!
A couple times in the midst of falling in the MUD every other step...Lanae would lose sight of Jared...but don't worry she had a special name for him.  She'd just start sweetly yelling out, "Muuuuuulllllet" (Mullet) and without even a second's hesitation Jared would answer her.   It was so funny!  Then of course Lanae and I would be laughing so hard that we'd fall down in the mud.
We decided last minute to do the 10K.  It was SO fun!  Way more obstacles...way more mud!!  Here we all are at in the river...trying to clean up a little bit!  I'm not sure why we bothered!
Here's me in ALL my glory and looking mighty FINE after the race was over.
Me and my super amazing Coby.
Since we lost the rest of the is our fearsome foursome...MULLET...aka Jared, Lanae, Me and Cobe.
Here we are again...only I wanted to show just how dirty some of us got!!  
If you look can see Coby and I raising our arms.

This race was SO fun I'd do it every weekend if I could!  Thanks Kellie for putting it all together.  And Thanks MOM you are the best for watching our little nuggets all day.  Next year I want more of the people I LOVE to do it with us!  SO FUN!  My dad, sister and Drew, Uncle Bob, Ambie, Ben and Whit, all the Rich's for that matter...and this time...we'll figure out the best way to stay together! 

***NOTE***  Whit did ask me if I'd run it and I did say NO...but forgot about that when I said yes to Kellie.  So don't kill me Whitters...I'll make it up to you next year!!

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