Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bear Lake with the Siebenbergs

 It's no secret that I LOVE spending time with my cute friend Camille and her sweet family.  We try to find a weekend that works with everyone's schedules and have them up to Bear Lake for the weekend.  It was totally spur of the moment...but it worked out and we were able to have a great visit...and I was able to soak up Camille for a whole weekend!!  :)
It was a chilly weekend...but don't worry...the kids didn't mind!
Sam even tested the water just to make sure it wasn't as cold as we told them it was.
Here's Kenna getting the right amount of sand for her sand castle.
And back and forth they went....
Corb was just loving the sun...
Meanwhile...we were freezing!!  Actually, it was nice when the sun was on us...but the second it went behind the clouds....burrrrrrr!
Trey even liked it!
And did I!!
Here's my mighty warrior boy!!
Later that night we went to watch the U vs BYU game at a house that Lanae and Jared had rented down the street.  It was an AWESOME house!!  And the company was even more more awesome!!
This was the least blurry picture I could find with Cam, Emily, Lanae and myself.  Being with these girls is better than having a Diet Coke IV hooked up on a permanent basis!!  :)  Maybe that was a bad analogy...but if you know know my love of DC!!  :)
 Here's me and my schweeetie!!
 And here's a shot of all the chaos!!  :)
Jaden wasted NO time getting to know the GIRLS!!  
And what would a trip to Bear Lake be without a good old fashioned campfire complete with s'mores??!!
Corb was trying to show off his "mad" s'more skills....Kenna may have been a little worried!!
Sam was an EXPERT s'more maker!!
And Jaden was an expert SMORE eater!!
 And don't even ask me (sarcastically) where on earth he gets his "cheesiness" from!!  :)
There's my LOVE!
 Brett and Cam
 Most of the Siebenberg little tired munchkin had already checked out for the night.
And last but not and my Cam!

I just love this girl!  It was such a treat to have them come up and hang out with us.  Everything was so low key and chill.  It's always nice to feel completely at home with good friends at the Lake.  Thanks for coming with us!  We had a ball!

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Anonymous said...

I can't thank you enough for letting us come to Bear Lake with you guys - we had so much fun! What a GREAT weekend. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I loved chatting, lounging around, oh ya, and eating. We have a great time with you guys.