Saturday, December 06, 2014

Lights at Temple Square / Decorating the tree

 Traditions traditions!!  Since the weather has been super nice, we decided to venture out and see the lights at Temple Square.
I have to hand to to the people that spent months putting up the lights at temple square, they REALLY know what they are doing!  Probably why every single branch is lit perfectly from root to tip!
Love these crazy boys of mine!
But this sight is MAJESTIC!  I always walk away inspired and full of so much gratitude!
After walking around Temple Square with our Honey, we came home and finished decorating the tree.  We started a tradition last year that we each get our own Christmas ornament that represents the year.  Corb rocked it at Basketball, Coby is definitely the Disney dad, Cole got a Lightning McQueen Car, Jaden got a Crayola Colors for starting Kindergarten and I got some red boots ( LOVE my red boots...I'd wear them in the summer if I thought I could pull it off).

I love all the little traditions are family is starting to do together.  It's fun seeing all of their cute reactions and eagerness to spend time together creating memories.

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