Monday, December 29, 2014

Core-Four White Elephant Exchange Party

Tonight we had our "Core-Four" and spouses White Elephant Party.
Was it a BLAST????!!!  Uhh....that is the UNDERSTATEMENT of the century!  We met at Pizzaria Limon for fresh pizza and a few crazy gifts.
Speaking of crazy gifts...Ang said she'd be holding on this little beauty for about 6 months!  A Condiment dispenser?  EVERYONE needs a condiment dispenser!  Bear Lake is going to be excited to try YOU out!  
I got a Speghetti measurer....PERFECT for me since I tend to always over estimate just how much angel hair pasta our family actually eats!
But this little treasure had to be the WINNER of all white elephant gifts EVER in the entire history of White Elephant parties.  It's a FUR Jock strap!  (Seriously...where does one find a FUR JOCK STRAP??!!)  Camille was the lucky recipient of this little beauty! I bet Brett is excited!
Rob got a key chain with a pair of underware attached.  Because afterall, you never know when you're going to need clean underwear!  
Coby wanted to enhance Fab and Amy's love life by providing a little "mood" music by the one and only Donnie Osmond!  :)  Hope they can handle it!  
Tonight we had so many laughs that I'm sure I wasn't the only one walking away with a side stitch!  :)  I love these girls and their husbands so much!  Never an ounce of drama, only good moderately clean fun and the best memories!  :)  Can't wait til the  next one!

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