Friday, December 26, 2014

Post Christmas Boy's Day Out

After all the fun of Christmas day...what's a boy 
to do??!!  

Well, go to Ogden and ride the Flow Rider of course!!
Here's Cobe showing us all that surfing is super easy....
Jadesy making body surfing look like a piece of cake...seriously, this kid is such a light weight that it takes him forever to get off the board because he just goes from side to side without ever all off!
And Corb showing us all that body surfing is really the way to go!  Believe me...I know...and have the neck pain to prove it.  Thank goodness I'm in charge of the blog, otherwise you may see my epic fail Coby so kindly made in slow motion!

Later that day the boys headed over to Honey's for a little sledding action!  I think this is the first snow we've had all season!

Later that day Coby and the boys made a snow fort in the front yard.  I wish there was more snow so they could really get their snow ball fights on!  :)

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