Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Breakfast with Honey

This Christmas morning we got to go to Honey's for breakfast and to open our stockings. 
This year she was VERY generous (as usual) and is taking us all on a Disney Cruise at the end of January.  Here are all the grand kids minus a big chubby blond haired little guy and a tall, dark and handsome Poppy.   They are loving their little "extras"! 
Jaden is especially loving his mask and nerf gun!

After a delicious breakfast we sent the kids downstairs and got to open our stockings.  Thank you so much for the Cruise and little extras in our stockings.  We certainly LOVE our Honey and her generosity!  I am sure today was another hard day to be without her Jimmy.  It must be unbearable at times I'm sure.  I am glad that we all (well most of us) live pretty close so she doesn't have to feel so alone.  I'm sure Jim was close today.  I still think Missionaries should get to have some communication with their families.  I'm still waiting on my call from Jack...someday! 

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