Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Dinner with the Burton's

Since we did breakfast with Honey, we got to have dinner with my family.  I love how laid back it all was.  Dinner was DELICIOUS as always and a great way to end the magic of Christmas Day.
This little guy was super excited because he never had to get out of his Christmas Jammies!  He LOVED all the Lego sets he got from Santa and from my mom and sisters.
And this little guy has learned to NOT share!  He was so happy with his trucks and made sure to keep them extra close to as to make certain NO one touched them.  I see a cute little guy (Tav) watching and hoping in the background that Cole puts them down for just a second!
This year for Christmas our little family gave my mom a little charm bracelet with pictures of all her grand kids and a silver coordinating charm that matched each one.  Corb - football, Jack - Angel, Jaden - a book with ABC's, Cole - a train or a bus, Ronan -Mickey Mouse and Tav - a Mickey Mouse Key (they didn't have any Donald Duck charms).  She loved it and I know because she cried!  :)

 My dad was the real hero this Christmas and surprised her with a new dishwasher AND a new (new to her) Car!  He got her a super nice Toyota Avalon.  I am was about time!  I don't know how much longer her little Camry was going to last.  It was also super fun to have the whole family together for Christmas.  I am loving getting to know Sommer's little family better.  It's great that they are all here and we're together in the same state!  I hope it lasts a long time!  Merry Christmas!  It was a FABULOUS day all around!  Thank you Mom and Dad (and all the rest of you Burtons)!

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