Saturday, December 27, 2014

Rich Sibling Gift Exchange

Tonight Joanne took us all to the Roof at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building for our Sibling Party.
I'd never been there before and it really did live up to all hype.  The french onion soup was to die for!
Here is a shot of me and my cute Coby.
Then a shot off all of us.  Even Bobby and Sara made the trip down from Boise.
After dinner we headed back to Joanne's for games, gifts and lots and lots of fun!  We played heads up with Ben and Coby's cell phones.  (A game where you put the cell phone on your forehead and the people sitting across from you can see the word you have to describe for the person holding the phone to guess.)   Do the charades part was the most comical! And as you can see from our silly Santa hats (insisted upon by Joanne)...we're all just a bunch of goofballs!
And most of really like to kiss our spouses....  some more than others!
Thanks for the GREAT dinner and fun night Rich Siblings and cute Momma Jo!  I certainly LOVE this family I got the SUPER lucky to marry into!  :)

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