Thursday, July 26, 2012

Playing in the hose

Everyday around 5pm, Jaden gets super tired.  We can't let him go to sleep or he'll be WIRED for the rest of the night!  So, to distract him, we go outside and water the flowers and the lawn.  This little boy LOVES the hose and is always telling me, "It's MY turn Mommy..."  Today I left him watering the flowers and went to preheat our oven...this is what I found when I got back, so I had to snap a few shots.
"Hmmm....I wonder how bad it would be if I shot this hose in my face....

"Here I go...."

"I Like it...." (As said in Poppy's voice)
"That was fun...." So fun that he fell over and had to do it again and again!

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