Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pioneer Day

 Pionner Day is a crazy day here in Utah.  We're usually up to Bear Lake and miss the festivities, not to mention my Mom and Dad's Birthdays (the 23rd and 24th).  This year we went up early and came home on the 24th.  It was a busy day...but a fun one none the less!  
Our good friends from Michigan (Jeremy and Andrea and family) just moved here!  They are the salt of the Earth and a riot to be around!  Jeremy just finished up Residency in PA and his here doing his fellowship at the U and Shriners in their Pediatric Orthopedic Department.   Coby wasted NO time inviting them over for a little BBQ.  We invited my parents too and decided to celebrate their birthdays, the 24th and time with good friends.  They have 3 boys and 1 little girl.  The boys played pretty nicely, until Jaden totally threw a plastic gun at their 5 year old's face and cut open his eye!  So...ya...we made a GREAT impression!  I hope they'll come back over if we promise NOT to hurt their children!
We were so excited that we didn't have to leave our front lawn to see fireworks.  Our neighbors put on a pretty good show!
And the best part owas that we didn't have to leave our house!
I made a birthday cake for my parents and Jaden helped them blow out their candles.

It was a SUPER busy day, but I'm happy that the whole weekend was shared with both our families and good friends.  

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