Thursday, July 12, 2012

Corbin and Jaden's Birthday Party

Happy Birthday to my cute little CorbiMac and Jadesy Babe!!  Every year we switch off either having a big birthday party for the boys or getting them a nice gift.  This year we opted to throw them a SWEET combined birthday party.
We rented this HUGE water slide and invited like 50 kids I swear!  Don't you just love Corb's face??!!
And this little face just about sums up the mood of their party!  
All the kids LOVED it!  And couldn't get up the slide fast enough!
What kind of dad would Coby be if he didn't "test" out the equipment??!!
Here he is just doing his "job" as a good daddy!
The boys thought it was pretty cool that dad could even play on the giant slide with them!
We also set Coby's parent's slide up so there would be CONSTANT fun!
Coby was the griller...
And the cotton candy maker...
Oops, I think he may have gotten a little on him....or he's suddenly starting to grow blue hair on his hands...ahhhhhh SCARY!!
Then the boys had cake....yummy, delicious costco cake with buttercream frosting and cream cheese filling!  THANKS alot COSTCO....I ate some much filling and wonder I'm packing on the pregnancy pounds!  :)  Jaden was LOVING it too!
Coby really put some thought in this party and even ordered HUGE boxing gloves...
"Ka POW"....not sure who hit who first....
Then we started opening presents....
And the chaos officially began...I mean got WORSE!!
Bless Lanae's heart, she did her best and trying to write down who gave what...but these boys were FAST! I sure hope we get the thank you cards right!  :)
Here's Honey with 2 of her favorite 2 years and one fresh 3 year old!
What kind of post would this be if I didn't have a shot of my little and I??!!  
Here's a shot of our family as things started winding down.

Thank so much to my family and Coby's family for all your help in making this party happen.  I think I can officially say that a fun time was had by ALL!  And I guess it's a good thing we don't do a big party every year.  We'll probably need the next two years to recuperate from this one!!

Happy Birthday my cute boys!  We love you more than anything!

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