Thursday, July 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Monster

Happy Birthday to the SEXIEST husband on the face of the planet!!
This guy is more amazing than any guy I've EVER even heard of!  He's so good to me.  He has had to endure ALOT with me and I'm SO grateful!
Our boys can't get enough of him.  They are 100% daddy's boys all the way!  Jaden gets sad when Coby  leaves for work and chases him all the way down the street.  It's sad.  But I guess that the price he'll have to pay for being the apple of his boys' eyes!
This little boy was just coming into his own and realizing just how amazing his daddy was before he was taken all too quickly.  I know Coby struggles every single day missing our little Jack.  But he stays strong because he knows we'll be with Jack again.  I love that he's SOLID in his testimony of the gospel.  He NEVER waivers and I'm sure Jack is proud to say that Coby is his dad!  :)
Coby is the ULTIMATE traveler!  He is ALWAYS planning the BEST and most fun vacations for our family.  He plans things out to a T and as a result we have the most amazing memories to go along with our pictures of our family.  

I love this guy more than anything in the whole world and I'm so happy he chose me almost 9 years ago.  I feel SO lucky!  Happy Birthday Monster!  You mean the world to us!

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