Sunday, July 08, 2012

It's official....we are THROUGH with Diapers...

Well....IT'S OFFICIAL....This little nugget is underwear free!  No more diapers, no more wipes, no more diaper rash....we're DONE!  For a few months anyway!

I am so proud of him!  He has made potty training such a BREEZE!  He gets 1 hershey kiss for going pee and 2 for going poo in the potty.  (coby thinks it's funny that I'd give him "hershey kisses" for going poo!  Haa Haa...a little ironic.  But I didn't think of that at the time  :)  )He used a total of about 4 pull-ups and most of them were at night time.  He's had 1 accident...and it was only pee.  We did have to make a little adjustment about not just going pee anytime he had the urge...whenever, WHEREVER he was!  But he loves his scooby doo unders and refuses to wear pull-ups.  The other night we were at Bear Lake and he was apparently having some sort of nightmare about us trying to put a pull-up on him.  He was crying and say..."No....I don't want to wear pull-ups, I wear unders...SEE...."  We had to show him that he was in fact wearing his unders and went right back to sleep!  He's even figured out how to get himself up out of bed and go potty in the middle of the night. 

He's VERY proud of being a "big" boy and NOT wear any sort of pullups or diapers.  Any time he sees an old Huggies box he goes to the box and points to the baby wearing the diapers and says, "Mom...what is that baby wearing...?"  and I'll tell him that he's wearing a diaper and he just smiles and says, "I wear UNDERS because I'm BIG!"

The other day we were coming home from Bear Lake and here is how the conversation went with Jadesy.

Jadesy:  Dad....
Dad:  Ya buddy
Jadesy:  What does Chance (his 1 year old cousin) wear?
Dad:  Diapers
Jadesy:  And what do I wear?
Dad: Unders
Jadesy:  (HUGE smile)  But what will he wear when he grows up like me?
Dad: Unders...

And then the conversation began AGAIN and AGAIN....for a least 30 minutes!  :)

We can't be more proud of him!  

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