Friday, July 20, 2012

Bear Lake fun with the Rich's for the 24th

Honey and Poppy wanted to get some fun family pictures this summer with everyone.  They flew Bobby, Sara and Duncan in from Sacramento and chose a color scheme and got some good family shots.
Then we all headed up to Bear Lake for a little family Fun!  Here's Bobby clearing the wake.
I think he actually landed that 360!
Here's Cobe making skiing look anything but hard!
I love this shot of Pat, because he's sticking his tongue out...Those Rich's boys and the constantly sticking out of their tongues while focusing! I LOVE it!!! 
Corb wanted to give Wake Boarding a try.  
He got up on his 2nd try!
I think he got a little nervous....
But then once he figured it out....showed me up by making it look WAY too easy!  Like Father like son I guess!
Ben just purchased a Jet Ski and had a time skiing all over the lake.  It was fun to watch all the Rich boys take a turn and eventually crashing into the water!  :)  They had a BALL!  I love these Rich boys and their Peter Pan Syndrome!  (never wanting to grow up)  I think if you had to have a "syndrome" this would be the one to have!  They are always having fun....
Corb and Honey swam out to the raft after dinner.  The water was supposed GREAT!
Corbin played all weekend with Preston and Mason.  They searched the lake for golf balls.  It kept them entertained for HOURS!
Here are a couple Corb found in the water.
These apples didn't fall too far from the tree...if they can't swim because it's Sunday, they figure out something FUN to do.  Jumping onto the Tube and landing in the sand.
And because Jaden watches and tries to do EVERYTHING his big brother does....Jadesy was next in line for the big jump!
I love this shot of my boys.  They have so much fun and I'm so happy they have each other.   I can't wait for this new little bundle to join our family and fall into the ranks or brotherhood.  ***more to come on that note in another post.***

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