Monday, July 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Corbi-Mac-a-doodle

Happy Birthday Corbi Mac a doodle!!!  I can't believe that you're turing 7!!  Has it really been 7 years since you first joined our little family?  Time sure has flown.  This boy melts my heart every single day.  He's so sweet and sensitive.  He has such a tender heart and is a definitely a pleaser.  He's always telling me that he's going to save up his money so that he can buy Jaden a DS so they can play together.   He's very active.  He loves soccer, playing catch with his dad, skiing with his dad, swimming, wake boarding, swimming to and jumping off the raft at Bear Lake, pushing his dad OFF the raft at Bear Lake, jumping on the tramp at Honey's, finding snakes with Poochie, sleepovers at Nana and Poochie's and Honey and Poppy's, having battles with his BILLION beyblades, playing the Wii, his DSI, having as many playdates as possible!  He loves to hang out with his cousins, friends Coleman, Colton B., Emma, Issac and Joey.  He's always the first to give up his toy and share with another kid...unless it's Jaden...then he's a little more hesitant...but does eventually share without too much coaxing from Coby and I!  He is the BIGGEST tease!  Jaden usually takes the brunt of his constant teasing!
He's a little conniver!  All he has to do is be sweet, look up at you with those big beautiful blue eyes and you're at his mercy and he KNOWS it!  He can talk his Nana and Aunt Ambie into just about anything.  And he's smart about it...he waits til Coby and I are gone and then he goes to work on them. I can't tell you how many beyblades he's gotten out of them!  He loves to rhyme EVERYTHING!  Like this song he made up:  "Jaden's so weird, he has a beard...but he doesn't have a girlfriend...Ha ha."   Or anytime I ask him to do something "did you brush your teeth?...he's say, "brush my feet?" And he'll keep doing it again and again!  It makes Jaden CRAZY and Corb knows he keeps the rhyming up as long as he can before we pull our hair out and shout at him to STOP IT NOW!!!
Corb's favorite thing to eat is spaghetti.  If given the choice, he'd eat it every night for dinner.  And he can eat a TON of it!  I'm always surprised at the number of times he goes back for more.  He loves to eat cheese on crackers.  His favorite cereals are:  Cookie Crisp, Life, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Banana's and milk with Poppy.  He loves to do arts and crafts!  He'll totally come to YW with me if we're doing a craft that involves glue!  He loves to make paper airplanes.  They are ALL OVER THE HOUSE!  They are even in the chandelier that I can't reach!  He drives us a little crazy by asking how much we think something costs and then promptly wants to look it up and see for himself online!  He is impulsive like me and wants to dive into something before thinking it through and then once realizing it's harder than he thought quickly stops caring about it!  I.e. Pokemon trading cards!  He thinks that Nike Shoes and Nike socks make him run faster!  He's a great reader, but it takes him forever to sit down and get going!  But once he's reading for longer than 5 minutes...he's usually pretty good to finish  his reading time.  He's intimidated by his 1st grade teacher Mrs. Ewell (who loved him and said he was the sweetest kid ever) and will immediately start reading if I threaten to call her!
He's so funny!  The other day my mom was telling him that he only had 1 more year before he turned 8.  His face lit up and he said..." I know, I can hardly wait because then I won't have to sit in a booster seat."  Nice!  Then he followed up with "Oh, and I guess I get to get baptized too."  He sometimes tells me that I'm "inppropiate."  Or that a movie is "SO innapropiate."  I don't want to correct him, because it's so darn cute to hear him say "innapropiate."  He hears EVERYTHING and I have to remember to be careful about his ever listening ears!
He's VERY sweet with Jaden and is an AWESOME big brother!  He really takes Jaden under his wing and doesn't mind him hanging out with him and his friends....for the most part.  I have woken up several mornings to hear him and Jadesy laughing hysterically!  It melts my heart every single time.  He loves his little cousin Livvy and she loves him just as much.  I can't wait for him to have a sister....SOMEDAY!  
I think he has a GREAT smile, when he's actaully smiling for real! He's laugh is completely contagious!  When he laughs too hard, he gets the hiccups!   I've noticed that yelling does NOT work with him.  He's so tender hearted that if I take the time to really spend good one on one time with him, he's so sweet and willing to do almost anything I ask him...except clean the basement!  :)  He is GREAT at flossing, brushing and rinsing his mouth with mouthwash every night.  He thinks he has a loose tooth...and wants me to wiggle every night.  All his friends have lost teeth and he's really anxious to loose least!  He tells me that he has a girlfriend...Emma Murdock.  (Which I'd be SO happy about...I adore her mom)  Here's how that conversation went:  
Corb:  "Mom, I already have a girlfriend."
Mom:  "You do?  Who?"
Corb:  pauses a second and says, "Emma Murdock"
Mom: "Does she know she's your girlfriend?"
Corb:  "NO...and don't you dare tell her mom ok mom?!!"
I love this shot of the two of them.  We were on the cruise, it was Pirate Night and Coby had just given the boys bandannas and pirate guns.  Corb taught Jaden what "Put your hands in the air..." meant.   Jaden didn't quite understand and as he was in the middle of "shooting" and shouting "pew pew pew", put his gun down, and put his hands in the air.  We all had a good laugh and I'm happy Cobe caught it on camera.  Corb doesn't like to be alone and won't usually let Jaden sleep in, if he's already awake.  He'll bother him until he wakes up!  That little stinker!  When he cries, he coughs.  It drives me crazy!  The other night we were sleeping at Bear Lake in the downstairs bedroom.  Corb and Jadesy had a mattress on the floor next to the crib.  All of a sudden I hear him crying to let him "out of the cage."  I just figured that he was having a bad dream and told him that he was okay and to go back to sleep.  He kept crying and doing that coughing thing that I love so much.  I told him to stop it and that he was going to wake up Jaden.  Then it dawned on me that maybe he wasn't dreaming.  He had actually rolled off the mattress and under the crib and got stuck.  Poor guy!  I felt bad!
He loves his Poppy.  And it's practically heart breaking to hear him pray for Poppy each night when we say our family prayers.  You've never heard a little boy plead so hard for the Lord to "Please bless Poppy...PLEASE help him to get better...PLEASE."  Brings tears to my eyes every single time.  It's not secret that this little boy saved Coby and I after Jack passed away.  We needed him so much and he was the perfect little light and the ray of hope that survived when Jack left us so soon. Happy Birthday Baby boy!  We love you more than you will ever know.  We are so proud of you and can't wait to spend many more birthdays together!  LOVE you Corbi-Mac-a-doodle!

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