Monday, May 13, 2013

Sommie comes for a surprise visit

Look who came for a little visit?!!  
Aunt Sommy and Ronin that's who!!
Ronin and Colie are about 5 weeks apart...but I think Cole may be bigger than Ronin!
They got to be good buddies while she was here.  
They both rolled all over the carpet.
We did a little shopping
Aunt Sommy did what she does with my rugrats!
I always love a little sister time!
Here are all the girls...and Ronin of course!

It was such a GREAT surprise to have Sommy come into town this week.  Me, my mom, Ambie and my dad were supposed to meet at Jimmy Johns for lunch.  We all got there and my dad called to say that he was running late.  When he finally got there we all sat down and he quickly told us that he forgot his wallet in the car.  He jumped up and then all of the sudden he walks through the door with a baby.  My mom starts crying and I'm thinking..."where did this baby come from?"  I was so confused... and then Sommy jumps out of my dad's car and yells, "SURPRISE!!"

It really was a fabulous surprise!  I do not like that she lives all the way in Washington.  It's MUCH too far!  She stayed at our house and we got to celebrate Mother's Day and Ambie's birthday at the same time!  It was fun to see her and how great a little momma she has turned out to be.  She was always a natural with my kids, so it wasn't a shocker to see her with her own.  What I really am sad about is that our little boys can't play together very often.  But then I think about the relationship I have with my Little (Lanae) and I know that it's possible for them to still be close in time!  :)

Thanks for coming out and for the GREAT surprise!  I sure do love my Sommy...or Schlimy Wright as she tells me!  

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Sommer said...

Ah, I loved being there!! Ronan has been wanting to go back. A couple more weeks!