Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My new obsession

So...I may have a problem...a new obsession if you will....

Dirty Diet Coke....I HEART you!  My cute cousin Melanie Bingham surprised me the other day with a large one and instantly...I WAS IN LOVE!  Finding the coconut syrup was a challenge...but GiGi's has them incase you are wondering and didn't want to spend an entire day calling store after store only to be put on a waiting list!!  It's so yummy, it tastes like Summertime!  And with no calories....it's sure HEAVEN!  I am just listening to my kids screaming at each other and I'm counting down the seconds until they go to bed and I can go sit on my front porch and sip one of bad boys and pretend I still have an ounce of sanity left!  5 more hours....and counting!

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