Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Befores and Afters

We just moved in...but there are a few things that we've done a bit of improving to:  Here are a few Before's and After's done by my cute friend Jen Jolly.  

Here's the door completely white

Painted with a "Wood" finish.  She even put nots in the wood to make it look more real!  The picture really doesn't do it justice...but it looks awesome up close.
Here's the garage... BEFORE.  We primed it with a peanut butter color.  I'm sure the neighbors were a little nervous!
UNTIL...they saw the AFTER...
And here are both Garages together.  She did an AMAZING job...especially considering that this was her first time attempting it.  If it looks this good for someone never doing it before, imagine how good it could look if she got more practice!  Oh....we just love the finished product!
Our entire house is mainly painted in a very neutral tan color.  If you know know I need COLOR!  At least an accent wall of color!  Here is the accent wall in the front living room I chose to have her paint a aqua/grey kind of color.  Joanne helped me find some sweet old down throw pillows at a thrift store that I fell in LOVE with and we had Home Depot match them.
Almost finished....
She really did a GREAT job because all our walls are rounded and she made the lines impecable!
When we moved here, most of the house like I said was SUPER neutral...except the PINK room.  And as you can see it was SUPER pink!!!  I love pink...but this room was OVERKILL.  It looked like someone threw up pepto bismol EVERYWHERE!!!

So, we had Jen paint a Rosemary green color.  I think it came out pretty sweet!
And here's the master bath.  This room was SO completely WHITE.  It felt very cold.  So, we decided on a warm sunny yellow...lemon whip to be exact and now the bathroom is so WARM and inviting.  Just look at the know you want a soak!  I have and can I just say it's FABULOUS!

I couldn't be happier with the hard work and effort that Jen put into adding color to our home and really warming it up!  Send me a message and I'll pass along her contact information!  She's AMAZING and SO well priced!

We are still working on the yard...but here are a few before and DURING pics: 
 It used to be a pool...but they filled it in.  (It would have been a deal breaker if it were there and functional)
 It's a work in progress...
 Yep...still working!  More to come....EVENTUALLY!

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