Wednesday, May 08, 2013

New "hair gel", do you like the new "hair gel" we've recently discovered?
Doesn't look as even distributed as it could be??  That's because it's NOT hair gel!!!
It's a little recycled milk straight from Colie!!!  GROSS!!  As you can see, Jaden wasn't as thrilled as he could have been as the sole "tester" of said hair gel.  
But eventually, (after I got as much of the throw up OUT of his hair), he turned it around and had himself a quesadilla and a big fat smile!

I met my cute friend Camille for one of our Wednesday Cafe Rio lunch dates.  I was in line holding Cole with Jaden just to my left.  I was actually ordering, and if you know anything about Cafe Rio, you know that you have to order QUICKLY because they are SUPER fast!  I was telling the guy not to add cheese when I looked down and noticed something white on the top of Jaden's head.  He felt it too, at the same time I went to touch this "white" stuff on Jaden's head.  Then just as I touched it...I knew....OH I knew what had happened!  Cole had totally puked all over the top of poor Jaden's head.  I was in line...without my diaper bag, holding Cole, rushing through telling the Cafe Rio man what to and not add on my there was NO way I could wipe it off.  I had no towel, wipes...I didn't even have a jacket or anything I could wipe it off with.  Then I felt even worse and couldn't even ask anyone for help because I was fighting a laughing fit that I was sure to erupt at any minute!  I quickly paid, sat down and tried to clean off Jaden's head.  He wasn't thrilled...but after tasting that delicious and FREE kids quesadilla he was a happy camper again!  Sorry other people in the line at Cafe Rio that day...I'm usually a little more prepared!  Oh I'm not!'re welcome for the "entertainment"!

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