Sunday, January 05, 2014

Sunday night LOSER

Losing is NOT pretty!!

Tonight we decided to turn off all the electronics and spend time together playing games.  I was GREAT for everyone except ME!!  Seriously, have you EVER seen a game where someone doesn't even get their little men out of START???!!!  Well, that someone would be ME!  Go figure!   It's funny because that smiley little boy next to me had the HARDEST time even getting started!  I kept getting out of start only to be put right back in.  I think these boys planned it!  If Cole could have played I'm sure he would have helped me!!  But, he was being a good baby and staying in his highchair eating some mini vanilla wafers.

Playing the game was a success!  It really put everyone in cheerful moods.  The boys happily put their jams on, brushed their teeth, we read scriptures together and said our family prayers.  I put Colie to bed. Then Coby pulled out the first Harry Potter and started reading to Corb and Jadesy.  Within 20 minutes both boys were OUT and Cobe and I had the rest of the night to ourselves!  :)  It was a GREAT Sunday!!

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