Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Boy's Night of ADVENTURE

For Christmas my Mom and Dad gave Coby and Corbin a gift certificate to the Flo-Rider (indoor surfing), rock climbing and sky diving (simulated).  Corbin was so cute literally BEGGING for Jaden to go..."Mom, PLEASE let my brother come...PLEASE, I'll give you all the money I have...PLEASE!"  Jaden of course REALLY wanted to go...but because he's been so naughty about going to preschool lately...was unfortunately grounded.  But after the pleas of Corbin...I couldn't stick to my guns.  So, I talked Coby into letting Jaden go too.  (I'm sure I'll be regretting it because it seems to backfire EVERY SINGLE TIME!)
But they along with my dad all headed up to Ogden to have an adventure!  My dad was in HEAVEN and so were the boys!  :)  They all had a GREAT time and even came home in one piece!  :)

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