Thursday, January 09, 2014

Is that chocolate....

Is that CHOCOLATE....
Or is it POO?

Thank goodness it was NOT the latter!  This poor little boy along with most of his brothers struggles to be "regular" for the first few months after getting on Cow's milk.  He's been pretty plugged up, so today I sadly had to give him a little baby fleet enema.  Poor little guy!  He hates it almost as much as I do! definitely did the trick!!  It released the "flood" gates if you will!  I went to get him up from his nap and he was pretty stinky.  I went downstairs to change him and very quickly realized that a bath was in order...STAT!  I had given him a dark chocolate pomegranate and forgot all about it...until I put him in the tub and he touched the water and then then his face!  :)

Phewww....thank goodness for CHOCOLATE!!! 

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