Tuesday, January 14, 2014


I'm not sure why I even got out of bed today!  From start to almost finish today has NOT been what I planned at all!  Love that little baby of mine...LOVE him, but today I questioned why I ever even wanted to be a mom in the first place!  He cried and threw little tantrums for the better part of the day.  For about a week now he's gone down to one nap instead of two.  What does that mean...well, I have ONE GRUMPY baby toddling around here hanging on my legs, wiping his snotty nose all over my pants, taking the remote control top off and LOSING the remote in the process and throwing a fit because he wants hot coco like his brother...only to drink it and SPIT it out all over himself and the kitchen floor.
Then he took a nap, a GREAT nap while I worked on our Family Home Evening lesson.  Jaden was in preschool and I was able to really get a good handle on it.  THANK YOU (looking upward toward heaven)!
Corb came home, got Jaden all riled up and screaming just in time for Cole to wake up and join in the FUN!  It's a nightmare to try to get Corb to do anything...like go to the store with me to get lettuce for our tacos tonight, do HOMEWORK, clean out the dishwasher....But at least he just whined about his math homework and stormed upstairs when he didn't like how I was trying to help him.  Eventually he did come back down and offer to empty the dishwasher...so it wasn't a complete mess.
Poor Coby is working like crazy trying to pull the extra weight from someone leaving his office.  He didn't get home until almost 6:30.  The kids were hungry.  Jaden would only at Doritos for dinner. I'm not sure Cole did much better since he fed most of his dinner to the dog.  And to top it off, I burnt my pan!
Then we had FHE.  It went ok.  Jaden whined most of time time.  Corbin noticed Jaden's foul mood and took full advantage and decided to POKE the bear.  Which went over fabulously!  After about 20 minutes I LOST them...we had to wrap it up and hope that our lesson on Prayer sunk in and headed to Mcdonalds for some ice cream.  Cole was the best treat!  He wanted the ice cream and then he DIDN'T want it...then he screamed...then Corbin breathed wrong near Jaden so Jaden showed his "appreciation"...OHHHHHH......
I'm so ready for this day to be OVER!  I can't wait to go to sleep and stop thinking about everything that went completely WRONG today!  Tomorrow is Tuesday...so it's GOT to be better right??!!!

On a good note though...Corb woke up early, read for 20 minutes, made himself and Jaden some breakfast.  Jaden gave me a million kisses today and kept telling me that he Liked me.  He watched Frozen with me and let me sing while I made homemade salsa.  Cole woke up happy and stayed that way for a couple hours.  Coby synced my computer with the new printer...so I can print things now!!  (it's really been about 2 years since I've had a printer) AND he bathed the kids, read them a chapter from Harry Potter and tucked them all into their beds and turned on the Goldbergs for me!  I sure love this man!!  LOVE him!
I am blessed...I need to remember that my life is good...oh so good...even when it's bad!  

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