Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy 2014!!!

 Good Bye 2013!! 
HELLO 2014!!
Last night we welcomed the New Year in with Coby's family at Joanne's house.  We had lots of good food, TONS of fun and happily said goodbye to 2013! 
 We play lots of games...
 Ate WAY too much yummy junk...
 The kids played bowling on the Wii.
 Took a dip in the hot tub and watched a few fireworks by Coby.

And then rocked in the New Year just a little earlier....  Isn't Honey fun!  She got all the fixin's for the kids!  And they were LOVING blowing their horns!  It sounded like a bunch of loud geese were set free in the kitchen.
Gave this lammie a New Years Hat (which he actually wanted to wear) and a horn....he didn't quite figure it out...but it was so cute to listen to him "whoooo-ing" into the little horn!  He was SUCH a big kid!
 I think these little firecrackers were coming down from their sugar high...

Our little family decided to spend the night.  We turned on the movie Snowball Express and couldn't help laughing at Joanne laughing!  We stayed up long enough to see the clocks turn midnight, gave each other a little smooch and off to bed we went.  We weren't in bed too long before Cole decided to let us know that he was ready to get out of that crib at 6am!!
 I went to check on him and our poor little baby had thrown up all over himself.  SAD!  Coby and I gave him a bath and tried to snuggle him back to sleep.  It took a little while with a few more "clean ups", but eventually we all fall back to sleep.  And then Jaden was awake!!  YAY!!  (NOT YAY!!)  I think a nap is in order later today!

Later, everyone met back at the Joanne's for homemade scones and then got talked into going bowling.
 Here's Ben and Chance giving us the old thumbs up!
 Joanne sporting that GREAT smile and ever cheerful attitude!
There's my Coby...showing us his ever perfect FORM!
Me and Whit holding the babies.  Cole decided that a power nap would be best today (since he couldn't miss even ONE second of the "Rich" fun and was busy eating sweedish fish, and walking and drooling and crawling all over the "always" clean bowling alley floor!  ***If he contracts'll know where it came from***
Honey and the 3 Amigos taking a little break

This was a GREAT New Years Day!  I am looking forward to 2014, however!!  2013 had quite a few sad days.  We miss our Poppy!  

Here's to 2014!  May this year bring happiness and joy, a more Christ-centered home, an up-to-date blog and last but not least...hopefully a little girl too!***

***I'm not preggers....but we want to start trying this summer sometime.***

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