Friday, January 24, 2014

Skiing with the fam

Today we went skiing as a family...most of us!  ***(Cole opted to stay home and hang out with Nana)***  The temperature was PERFECT!  And when I say KNOW it was warm!  I think the temp was a balmy 38 degrees.  PERFECT for skiing!
So, we ditched this nasty inversion and head up the mountain to Snowbird.
 It was Jaden's first time skiing...and he handled it like a PRO! (He did have the BEST teacher of all helping him though!!)
 Corbin has been asking to Coby arranged for him to have a lesson.
He did PRETTY amazing!!  And by the end was really getting it!  I would have given up long ago since it involves two things I really dislike...COLD and falling down and getting hurt!
 Coby helped Jadesy ski down Chickadee about a hundred times with the a hula hoop.  BRILLIANT!  
 He fell a few times...but always wanted to get back up and kept asking us if he was doing a good job!  I would ask him if he was a professional...and he'd always answer back with a big YES!
 This was how I spent most of my time....alone on the ski lift!  And then I'd meet up with Coby and Jadesy and ski down.  I have to say though, they beat me down more times than I care to say!  BUT...I didn't fall even once...I came pretty close a couple times...but I can honestly say it was my first and only time going that I haven't fallen down!  :)
 After a while, we decided to take a little hot coco break.  Apparently...the sugar didn't take too long to go to our heads!
 Here's a smooch for the man of my dreams!  I certainly LOVE this fuzzy man of mine!!  Maybe he's thinking...." ever did I get her to kiss my hairy cheek...IN PUBLIC?!!"  I'm not entirely sure!
And here we are heading back to reality...and back into the nasty disgusting INVERSION!  :)  I hate Winter!
**Thanks to my cute momma who has just gotten back from a visiting my sister and her little family.  She said that Colie kept giving her hugs and kisses.**


Laurie said...

I am so happy that you guys got to go!! I did enjoy my sweet little Cole :) we had lots of fun together!! I love you Tiff and your sweet family!!

Lanae said...

Oh little girl! I just love you! So I haven't looked at my blog in a year or so, and guess what, we are once again - on the same page. And I think that cute hubby of yours is just full of awesome. Love that Coby. XOXOXO