Friday, January 03, 2014


I sure love this little monkey!  
Today Corb and I are feeling the after effects of what I am guessing is food poisoning or the flu from someone at Burger King.  WHAT WERE WE THINKING...BURGER KING??!!!  I guess we were thinking that it was close by, we were hungry and Joanne was treating!  :)  At any rate a handful of the Jim/Joanne Rich's got sick a few days later.  Jaden puked his guts out last night...all over the carpet.  YAAAY!  Coby was a champ and cleaned it up for me!  Thanks babe!  I owe ya!  I got hit around 2am... NO BEUNO!  Guess I won't be eating BBQ chicken chop salad for a while!  (Which is sad because I don't think I've made it for Coby for like 4 years...and it's his favorite!)  Corb crawled into our bed around 6am.  
Jaden apparently got it all out of his system and was EXCEPTIONALLY sweet during the entire ordeal.  Why is that??!!  Why can't they be sweet like that ALL the time.  I think it has something to do with the fact that they are gross and puking and if they acted like their "usual" self we wouldn't be able to stand being too close to them.  But I do find that I enjoy being right next to them when they are so sick...Maybe it's because I actually feel like they like me and appreciate me!  :)  Luckily Cole, Corb and Cobe didn't get the puking bug!  Thank heavens for me!  :)
Cole made me laugh today.  I gave him an oreo cookie after lunch and this is what he ended up looking like!  Gotta Love that little Hitler Baby of mine!  It definitely lightened the mood!
Later Coby came home, gave us blessings, relieved me from the boys, made dinner and rented Mary Poppins.  I forgot how much I love that movie!  Thanks babe!

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