Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day!!
 This morning I woke up early and made my family homemade heart shaped IHOP pancakes with the works.
 Jaden woke up early and became my little helper.

 I love having special breakfasts together, especially before everyone starts their busy days.
Even this little one was enjoying it!

Here are the boys' Valentines we made this year.
 I accidentally forgot to take picture of Jaden holding his sucker before we handed them all out!  Ooops!

Coby and I don't usually do much for Valentine's Day, but this year we celebrated a day earlier with dinner at Christopher's Steak house and a sealing session at the Jordan River Temple for dessert!  Dinner was okay.  Our waiter was a jerk and even went as far as rolling his eyes and laughing at Coby for his choice in dinner.  We were late because of him and for our session...but the good Lord helped us get there just in the nick of time! 
It was so nice to feel the Spirit as we held hands and looked into each other's eyes across the alter tonight. I love this Coby So much!  SO SO much!  He's truly the love of my life and the reason I want to be better every single day.  Some days I'm sure it may not seem like it, but I want to be the person he deserves!  Because Coby is more than I could ever deserve!  :)  He's amazing in every sense of the word!  How did I get so lucky??!!

 Later that night we made homemade Heart shaped stromboli. 

 It was a HIT!  
Aunt Ambie joined us for a glutenous carb overload of flour and sugar!  Then we all got into our jams and settled in to watch a movie.  We watched Ender's Game.  Not my first choice...but the boys seemed to like it and I actually stayed awake for most of it and didn't play on my phone!  :) 

 All in all the Valentine's Day was a success!  I so HEART this family of mine!

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