Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Farewell to our Mootz

It was with a sad but happy heart that our dear sweet Mootzie passed away.
She's always been the LIFE of the party!  An absolute treat to be around.  She has been suffering with dementia for about 15 years now and it was so sad to watch such an amazing lady who loved singing, entertaining and helping, whittled down into someone that could no longer even speak.  In the end she was only a shell of the person she once was.  But even through it all she managed to keep her happy demeanor and a cheerful smile on her face.  
Coby's Cousin Julie Patterson was actually with her when she passed.  I took this from Marianne's blog.  "Julie Patterson was actually with her when she passed away, she just had the feeling to go see her after work. She said she stayed for 30 min (which is a long time to talk with someone that is not talking back and just as she was going to leave she heard a voice in her head say, "Stay for another 30 minutes and if she hasn't passed away by then you can go." So she stayed and watched as Mootzie's breaths grew further and further apart until there were not more breathes.  She helped dress her and was given the pearls that mootzie was dressed in that night.  What an amazing experience to have had.  And I think it was truly interesting that it was Mootzie's youngest granddaughter who was the one to share it with her. Full Circle.
We all joked that it must have been quite a site when Mootzie finally left her frail body and was met by loved ones on the other side.  We thought that upon seeing Jim she might have said, "Well, what the HELL are you doing here?!!"  Marianne said that then she may have pointed to her cheek and motioned for Jim to give her a kiss and as Jim went to kiss her cheek pulled the old "switch-a-roo" and made jim kiss her on the lips!  :)  She was always fun and always happy to keep you guessing! But the thing I think I will remember her most for was her generosity.  She had the means and she never missed an opportunity to share her good fortune.  She was big on supporting the community, especially the arts.  There is even a wing dedicated to her at Pioneer Theater.  She took each grandkid on their own very special trip to anywhere they wanted to go after they finished 6th grade.  She took countless family trips with all of her family and their extended family.  Flipping the bill each time.   She will be greatly missed, but I'm happy that she's able to be free from the disease that stole her mind.  We could all learn a lot from this amazing lady if we took the time to serve each other...and have a little fun too!  :)
My heart broke as I watched her loving children say their last goodbye to their dear mother.  But in the same breath rejoiced that the life she lived.
Mootz LOVED hats!  And she had a TON of them!  Marianne said this best, "The girls in the family wearing the many hats of Mootzie.  This was for two reasons.  1. Mootz loved hats, her closet was full of them and 2. To symbolize the many hats that Mootzie wore during her life. Mother, grandmother, great grandmother, friend, neighbor, confidant, sister, aunt, and so many more."
Her grandsons were the pallbearers.  
As I mentioned Mootz was a great lover of music and she passed that trait on to her children. Singing their tribute to Mootz, her children are singing "The Campfire Song".  A favorite pastime singing around the campfire at Bear Lake for countless summers. 
Here is one of the last pictures I have of Mootz laughing and being the life of the party.  We were celebrating her 90th birthday.  Joanne wrote an amazing poem for her that pretty much sums up our wonderful Mootz.


Marvelous Mootsie is just so much fun,
And it’s magical how she can get so much done!
She can cook yummy stuff while she warms up her car,
Then drive us to places to play, near and far!
She can tell you your ‘fortune’ and host parties too,
If you had her backyard well, why wouldn’t you?
And just when you think she’ll sit down and unwind,
She’ll get up and at it’ and back to the grind!
Taking off to Sedona or up to Bear Lake
After hosting a gala she’d say, ‘piece of cake’!
And when there are things that could cause ‘grandma’ strife
She’s puts on a smile and then tells you “that’s life!”
She’s a little bit young and a little bit old,
She’s directed the Symphony, so we’ve been told!
She’s traveled the world and taken us too,
On our twelve year old trips, just to mention a few!
Has a ‘magic wand’ that can conjure the sun,
A ‘lover-of-life prize’, she sure could have won!
How lucky can we twenty grand-children be,
To have grown up with someone as awesome as she!
She’s created the best out of all of her days,
Brought joy to others in so many ways!
She has loved the lord as she’s lived life with ‘zest’!
And now we’re so grateful that she gets to rest!

Hurrying on her merry way!
She can talk to a fly and summon the sun,
If you need a car, she’ll lend you one!
Never much to fret or fear,
She’s just too busy spreading cheer!
Her community service is admired,
And if there’s a gala, she’s never too tired!
Not ‘lighting long, she loves to roam,
The world, Sedona or her Bear Lake home!
Yes she’s unique above the rest,
To anything she adds the ‘zest!
As Mom and Mootz she’s at your side,
Full of that maternal pride!
Lifting others thru the years,
In happy times or days with tears!
We are so blessed to have walked her way!
She is the magic in our day!

Mootz, we miss you.  We are so happy you are free.  I'm sure you are busy working up there and they were glad to have you home.  Until we meet again....

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