Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Happy Birthday Corb

Happy Birthday to my favorite FIRST child!!  I can't believe he's 8!!  Where has the time gone???!!!
I sure love this goofy ball of fun!
He's going to a new school this year....and starting 3rd Grade.
 We are so proud that he made the decision to be baptized into the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints by his Dad.  
He LOVES doing anything that is a bit of a scary risk....Sky Diving!  Okay...so it's not out of an actual plane...but it's the closest I could come to letting him!  :)
 He's always smiling and and loves to constantly tease his brothers!!  CONSTANTLY!!  :)
 It's hard to get him to give us a "real" smile...but I'll take what I can get!  
 More than anything he wants to do all things sporty like his dad!  Mountain Biking with his dad is one of his favorites!
 I love that he'll hang out with me and isn't afraid to be a little crazy!  Because Crazy and I go hand in hand!!
He's always trying to make everyone laugh and that little guy next to him thinks he's the best thing since Hot Coco...and if you know Jaden...that's better than sweet sweet nectar from the Gods!  :)
It warms my heart when I walk in and find both of them sitting together playing....even if it is a stupid video game!
 He loves going to the skate park and riding around and trying to do tricks on both his scooter and skateboard.  And I have to say...he's actually pretty darn good!  Look at that air!  Self-taught...NO lessons!!
And I think it's safe to say that the apple didn't fall too far from the Coby tree...look at that stance.  He even loves Golf...surprise surprise!!

I love this little guy of mine sooo much!  I hate that he's already 8 years old and keeps getting bigger and bigger every day!  He has a kind heart and is very forgiving!  Which is good because I have to ask for his forgiveness FREQUENTLY!  He's is getting pretty picky when it comes to the clothing he wears.  The days of picking out his clothing and expecting to wear it without hesitation are gone! Skinny Jeans are his favorite and he loves to wear his Vans shoes.  He's hard on shoes and has the stinkiest feet EVER!  In fact...he never has jeans or shoes to pass down to Jaden!  He likes to build paper airplanes and paper guns made with lots and lots of whatever tape (even painters tape) I have laying around the house! He's a little impulsive and is constantly changing his mind every other day about which sport he most wants to play next!  And it's usually a completely different sport than the one he's currently enrolled in!! He jumps around from Basketball, Football, Baseball, Soccer, Skateboarding, Biking, Wake Boarding, Water Skiing, Snow Skiing and the latest was La Cross! He loves to play with is BeyBlades, building all kinds of contraptions with Legos, having Nerf Gun fights with Jaden, (teasing his brothers to the point of insanity on both my end as well as theirs) and spending one on one time with his dad and I.  He misses his Poppy terribly.  He has Rich Paws and the softest little nose.  But the thing I love most about him is his willingness to be share and be kind to others.  He's compassionate, has a tender heart and is never mean spirited.  I love this little Corbin and I thank my Heavenly Father everyday that he's here and is part of our eternal Family.  Happy Birthday Corbi-Mac a doodle!  :)  

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