Sunday, July 14, 2013

Bear Lake with the Vans

We've been trying to plan a friend's weekend for a while with the Seibenbergs, Vans and Zullos...  Vans were the only ones that could make it this weekend and the cabin was we had to go!
Love this cute family!
Here's Cobe and Jadesy on the long board and Ang, Emma and Cade in the Kayak.
Corb needed a little help getting started...but after a couple of minutes...he had it DOWN!
Next, Ang helped Emma...and didn't take her long before she was showing us all up!
Emma noticed a paddle boat, and after we asked permission...Emma and Jaden set off to rescue Cade on the raft from the cold Bear Lake water.
And there they go....cruising the Bear Lake shoreline!
Here are a few on-lookers...
The Van Family is VERY into Baseball...and when I say Very... I mean it...if Cade doesn't get a full ride scholarship...I'd be shocked!  Their entire summers are chocked full of baseball games and so when we found out that they didn't have a tournament this was a no brainer to come to Bear Lake!  At any rate, we played a little baseball from the "pros"!
Jaden was having the time of his life...playing baseball and getting cozy with Emma!
Even Coby and his burnt back got in on the baseball action!

Loved hanging with my girl Ang!  She's one of my dearest friends and I'm so thankful for the chance we got to become such great friends through Young Womens. We had so much fun with the Vans this weekend! We will definitely need to plan another trip soon!  

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