Saturday, August 03, 2013

Corbin's Baptism

There he 8 year old baby!!!
Today he made the decision to be baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
We couldn't be more proud!
He's such a goofball as he poses for Coby in front of the Jordan River Temple!
Speaking of Goofballs!
I certainly LOVE him!
It was a perfect day for a baptism...even if it was early on a Saturday morning!
Costco did a GREAT job on his cake....despite the picture I drew for them!  :)
We wanted more than anything for our Poppy to be there to see Corb baptized in person.  But I am certain that he was there...standing next to Jack in spirit...proud as could be!  Honey gave Corbin an extra special gift.  She gave Corbin Jim's scriptures and scripture case.  On the inside she put a picture of Jim and a picture of the two of them doing the thing they loved most...eating bananas and milk.
Sam and Corbin are only 11 days apart and we can't wait to see her baptized too!
Corbin and Jordan are certainly buds...and I couldn't be happier since his mom is my sunshine girl!  
My Grandpa Burton was there and even made Corbin one of his famous cards!  I love how much he loves the gospel.  That it's the most important thing because it means that we can always be together forever as a family.  He misses my Grandma terribly, but I suspect that she was definitely there today!
Sommy and Drew gave Corbin an AWESOME backpack loaded with stuff for Scouts.  Inside was a pocket knife...and my dad was giving Corb and our neighbor Carter a few pointers.  
There's my sunshine girl!  I love her more than most in this world!  :)  I think that we had plans in Heaven and have been trying to carry them out in sync since we were big enough to walk!  :)
Here's a few pictures of my fam lounging.  From Left - Both Grandfathers, Boyd and Grandpa Burton, Grandma Bowers, Sommy, Pooch and my mom.  Cute Ambie is holding Ronan near Jadesy babe.
Aunt Ambie holding Ronan.  He and Cole are only 5 weeks apart!
And here's my Grandma Bowers....her picture pretty much sums it up!

It's been a long and exhausting day!  It's been lovely and filled with the Spirit and I can't even begin to describe the feelings in my heart for Corbin.  Coby and I are so proud of him for making the choice to be baptized.  He's such a sweet, tender and kind boy.  I know that he will grow to know and recognize the soft whisperings of the Holy Ghost.  What gratitude I feel knowing that Corbin taking his step is one step closer for our family to be together for eternity!  I feel so blessed for my testimony of Jesus Christ, the Atonement and for my membership in this Church.  I would be lost without it!  I pray that Corbin will begin to rely on the sweet companionship of the Holy Ghost as he continues to grow throughout his life.  I know that it will be a source of strength, encouragement, hope and help.  Love you Corb! 

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