Saturday, August 30, 2014

Poor Ambie

Poor Poor Ambie!  She was moving into her first apartment in Utah.  She got locked out and tried to climb to her apartment on the third floor.  She made it to the top...but upon realizing that she was locked out there too...she attempted to climb down.  It didn't end so well...
After a fast fall 3 stories down...she ended up with a shattered heel and ankle, a fractured tibia and fibula, two fractured bones in her spine, staples in her head and probably a very bruised ego!  :)  My heart just aches for her!
After all was said and done...she ended up at the University of Utah Hospital.  Her heel and ankle were too swollen for x-rays and they began in on her cute right leg.  Apparently, her tibia and fibula bones were bowing and they had to put in all kinds of screws and bins to correct it.  Looks so painful!  But she was a trooper! She's scheduled next week for her surgery on her heel.
She looks thrilled to have me taking pictures doesn't she?!!  She's in a large brace from her hips to her neck and has a cast from the very top of her right leg to the bottom.  Here the Physical Therapy Nurse is helping her learn to walk up and down the stairs.
She conquered it like a champ!

I feel so bad for my sweet little Ambie.  Always willing to do anything and everything for anyone else.  She drops everything just so she can watch our kids and stay with Pup when we are out of town.  She's constantly lending me her shoes, clothes and bringing me scensy candles just because.  It pains me to see her in so much pain and knowing the long road to recovery she will have to endure.  But I know she can do it!  She told me that as she hit the ground she heard clearly, "Everything happens for a reason."   She has taken that message in stride and I have yet to hear her complain.  She's staying positive and looking towards the future with hope.  She and my sweet mom are getting closer as Amber is realizing how much my mom actually does for her.  I know that despite all this rotten luck...good will come from it.  I sure love her and can't wait to make her go on a run with me!  :)  And by run I mean....a fast walk, because heaven knows you can't call what I do running!  :)  Good Luck Ambie!  :)

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